All of the things demystified

All of the things demystified

All too often we hear the common refrain: “We don’t know what we don’t know.” Whether you are considering a slight calibration or a comprehensive reboot, serious investments in your organization’s time, money, and energy should be directed by informed decisions.

“We need to rebrand.”

Unpack that for me, please. What is the impetus here? Is it uniquely visual-design related or is there something deeper brewing beneath the surface? Let’s see if we can help pinpoint where to begin.

*Activity: You choose. A brand is:

– a logo
– a communications material
– a reputation

“We need a communications strategy.”

Yes, you do. Do you have a communications strategist who will be charged to develop and manage one? Is there currently a brand strategy in place to provide the strategic, visual, and verbal foundational elements to begin planning? Beyond the basics, does your team have the authority to democratize the brand? Will internal culture be unleashed beyond HR policy manuals to allow the brand to pervade?

*Activity: Where does your needle fall on the spectrum?

Purposeful tools…………………Polished presence

“We need a strategic plan.”

Congratulations on your decision. Everyone in the business of solving or serving society’s most pressing issues should have a plan. The questions become: what will this process look like, who will lead this process, will the outcomes yield actionable tactics, are we ready to challenge the status quo?

*Activity: Beware the dust-collector.

What was the page count of your latest strategic plan? More than 5? Start over.

Contemporary Performances

Can you align all three?

Brand strategy, strategic planning, and communications strategy are not mutually exclusive, but rather exist within a living, symbiotic ecosystem driven by organizational goals, future opportunity, a commitment to mission.

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