Webinar overview

What is an annual report?

Ask the IRS and they’ll tell you it’s merely a financial reporting requirement. Ask the communications director and she’ll tell you it’s a robust recollection of last year’s work. Ask a center for social impact and we’ll tell you it’s a potential fundraising engine that can amplify your mission of lasting impact.

Using a 4-step framework, we’ve ignited the movement to rethink the annual report.

Join us for a live consultation with a brave innovator from Central Missouri Community Action. We will be pulling examples from our past experiences, sharing ideas you can steal, and answering your FAQs.

This webinar took place on Friday, December 15th, at 12:00 PM ET.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

Shred weight. Significantly reduce the size, format, printing, and storage costs through smart content strategy.

Find the core story, then visualize it. Craft a compelling story by portraying your impact at-a-glance with modern “show, don’t tell” methods.

Include a prize inside. Move away from guilt giving—give your donors a badge of honor, not a wasteful token of obligation.

Take it social or digital. Create portable content with a consistent message that cascades across platforms—direct mail, social media, and digital media.


Laura KisailusfounderDarwin

Madison Ave creative turned digital diplomat turned social disruptor. Laura is an award-winning creative strategist with 15 years combined experience in private, public, and nonprofit sectors. She has led transformations for changemakers locally, nationally, and internationally.

Now at the helm of Darwin, a center for social impact founded in D.C., she and her team move society forward – serving causes, places, and education spaces. Rigor and insight unite to set the noblest missions in motion, evolve bleeding hearts, and ignite purpose with passion.

Early learning from Rutgers University Business School. Ongoing life skills from raising three budding disruptors alongside a very patient man. Found at laura@madebydarwin.com.

Misty Larkinspublic relations managerCentral Missouri Community Action

A strategist with the heart of a creative. During her years in the private sector, Misty specialized in brand invigoration, communication design, and finding the perfect intersection where function and strategy met beautiful design.

Now the Public Relations manager at Central Missouri Community Action, a non-profit dedicated to supporting thriving children, working families and equitable communities, her mission is to build awareness of and support for the agency.

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About Darwin

Darwin is a center for social impact. Darwin moves society forward–serving with causes, places, and education spaces. Part think tank, part creative agency–services include strategic planning, communication design, brand operations, print and digital media, and culture transformation. Since 2014, we’ve set 21 missions in motion, activated 8 societal causes, and aligned 58,000 people. Join the movement.