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A strategic position

A common misconception is that brand is only a logo and tagline. In Mt. Pleasant, we’ve set out to accomplish much more than new designs and messaging. The true power of brand is the strategic, unifying promise that a community delivers to residents and visitors.

We need your help.

Branding doesn’t happen in a vacuum—the process is collaborative and inclusive. We need YOU to share your experience and vision to accurately capture the Mt. Pleasant story.  Many thanks to those who responded to our survey and attended our Town Hall!

// what we willaccomplish and when

Our four main project goals are:

  1. Identify who we are to the world
  2. Identify what makes us different
  3. Identify what we offer
  4. Identify who we are speaking to and what we should say

At a glance, here’s a timeline for what we’ll be accomplishing:

  • Conducting brand research—June to July, 2018
  • Developing brand strategy—July to August, 2018
  • Designing logo, tagline, and messaging—August to October, 2018
  • Exploring launch opportunities—October to December, 2018
  • Brand public release—December, 2018

// leading the charge

Have a question?

This project is being led locally by the City of Mt. Pleasant and many community stakeholders in partnership with Darwin, a center for social impact. If you have questions about the rebranding process, schedule, or ways to participate, you can contact Darcy Orlik, Mt. Pleasant’s Public Relations Coordinator.

(989) 779-5322