Flexible within a frameworkThis is not a template

We’ve designed a rigorous framework that flexes for individual situations. During each engagement, we pull from our human-centered design toolbox to tailor our approach with custom activities and research methods.

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Join the movementSociety 2.0

You might be looking for something pretty (logos, brochures, digital experiences), but shiny-chasing is short lived. The true value of working with us lies in the intangible deliverables. Our happy clients are convinced: strategic planning maps opportunity, communications strategy charts the course, graphic design applies the polish – SMARTDESIGN unites all three.

Tangible deliverablesNo more trifolds

The goalpost has moved - social impact sectors deserve ground-breaking creative. We craft solutions with imagination, iteration, and perfection. We’ll work transparently with your subject matter experts, taking feedback and inspiration in every phase from concept to design. Our mix of experience, passion, and attention-to-detail guarantees you receive the gold standard.

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Intangible deliverablesMore than you asked for

We dare to dream beyond typical project requirements. Our clients call it the “Darwin magic” – we know how to help you with the unexpected and overlooked. Together we can shift your organization’s culture, boost your awareness, elevate your gravitas, and increase your revenue. The numbers don’t lie: phones start ringing, donations go up, and the needle moves.





We work with organizations looking for a wide pivot or slight recalibration