Elevating a movement

A start-up organization housed within a legacy institution was entering a new era.

ARCHI had harnessed a first-of-its-kind, data-driven model to prove an attainable health and economic future for the Atlanta region. Progressive leaders were charting a path for change.

High [human and economic] stakes

Outcomes lagged behind billions spent.Silos stood tall between sectors.Disparity gaps were wider than ever.


A new triple bottom line

ARCHI was shaping a new triple bottom line. Dense language was unpacked and a common narrative emerged to propel an actionable mission.

Atlanta could unite human right with economic might.

Bottom line. Balanced health. Better beings.

Amplified throughlines aligned a diverse range of stakeholders with varied motivations who could rally behind the bold message.

A new concept for the New South was beginning to take shape.


An accessible framework was crafted to portray the complex facets of the modern health context.

Lifestyles - Relationships - Environments

Flexible and foundational story

Position defined.Messages clear and consistent.Visuals polished with purpose. Ready for the big reveal.

Executive Director

"Everyone said how simple and accessible the concept became. People will not forget Health&."

Modular communication system

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