Hidden impact

Tucked away within a larger organization lived a robust, nimble team with a noble cause.

Demographic shift. Perception shift.

The team was situated on the front lines of a national movement—inclusive communities for older adults. They aligned their passion with a local mission, combining theory with practice.

Satellite to foundational pillar

Once a seemingly unrelated department, the team’s human focus became platform for organizational urban development goals.

Leadership team

“The people that need us don’t understand what we do.”

Hunt for clarity and cohesion

Logo soup Audience confusion Program-driven silos Patchwork messaging

Organize impact

We plotted to pivot. From sterile, programmatic buzzwords to raw human relevance.

Accessible new narrative

Aging to living Planning to design Behind the scenes to community facing

Front desk, front lines

Foundational frameworks paved the way for strategic communications platforms. Firing on all pistons to serve individuals and support partners.

Home, health, community

Simple content strategy framed an accessible story that resonated with every resident in age- and ability-friendly materials. Powerful story, three platforms.

Reframing in action

Stepping away from the funding streams, we mapped audience journeys and experiences to respond with empathetic solutions. Person-centered services, meet human-centered design

Meet empowerline. Powered by ARC.

With a solid strategy, we moved to creative to renamed and reorganized programs to create intuitive systems and relevant messages.

Rethinking media platforms

Tasked to reach a 10-county region—rural and urban, low literacy and educated, plugged in and off the grid—the portable story easily translated to every channel: print, digital, social, and video. 

Modernizing systems

Shining bright as a beacon of innovation for the region, the state, and the sector, the new digital platform used a clever combination of user experience strategy, technical sophistication, and design thinking to establish an information hub for humans. 

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