As outcomes lag behind intents in national anti-poverty efforts, a freshly-minted social innovation steps onto the scene. Enter unpack™ poverty—a shared suite of solutions for strategy, brand, and tech.

We wondered, who would be first in line to lead the disruption?

Out of a national network of community action agencies, one bold maverick, Concerted Services, Inc., stepped up to move the needle in a sprawling, Southern, rural region.

Executive Director

“Even though the landscape of poverty had shifted, we didn’t necessarily shift with it.”

Shared Symptoms, Shared Solutions, Scalable Impact

Outdated, non-resonant nameStigmatized issueFunding streams at riskLimited strategic capacityLow awarenessProgram silos stand tall Unpack™ offers shared solutions for all

Could solutions for all really work for one?

Concerted Services, Inc. completed a proprietary self-assessment to determine which of the four unpack™ models fit their strategic priorities and situational nuance.

Tailor-fitting shared solutions

Concerted Services, Inc. harnessed a suite of customizable, out-of-the-box solutions to dissolve stigmas, level silos, diversify funding, and increase awareness. Brand strategyName, logo, taglineVisual systemCommunications toolkitModern, mobile-friendly website

People-first means human-centered

Success required united stakeholders, new narratives, and refreshed energy across a 400+ person organization in a 29-county region.

Outcome-oriented messages

Simple language frames services as stepping-stones in human terms—ensuring comprehension and empowering action.

Concerted Services, Inc. to Action Pact

A new, galvanizing organization name makes a three-dimensional promise:  between organization and communitybetween staff and clientsbetween clients and themselves

Refreshing look and feel

Goodbye government-agency image, hello visuals that inspire and delight.

Modern, simple website

Accessible technology makes updating easy and navigating even easier, allowing users to spend more time on solutions beyond the button.

Development Director

“See what happens when you take a chance?”

On the tail of triumph, total victory on the horizon

Darwin has invested $45,000 of in-kind services to take the project to the next level.

Independence Design™

This pilot project will identify and implement scalable solutions for a comprehensive, empathetic theory of change and service-design model.

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