Rethinking a nonprofit

The U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants had a perception gap. 100 years of program changes, shifting focus, and current events outpaced the existing brand identity.

the cfo

“There is a disconnect between who we were and who we are today.”

Working to uncover the core

Issue immersion. Acronym decoding.Landscape exploration. History recognition.

darwin branding

Dots connected. Time to pivot.

The refugee and immigrant story extends beyond camps and borders. New beginnings and fresh starts inspire Americans.This was the true story.

darwin brand

Words have power.Colors have purpose.

Goodbye, flat brand expression.No more heavy, uninspiring, wonky messaging.Adios dark colors and sad imagery.

What's the name all about

U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

the ceo

“We have to give the name a relevant and current, modern meaning.”

A bold new name creates clarity, establishes a rallying point, and elevates stature.


A fresh start for migrants who have lost or left their homes. Welcome new allies, ambassadors, and advocates.

21st century purpose-driven brand

Engaging visual and verbal system. Victorious and hopeful headlines. Vibrant and relatable human moments.

Uprooted brand identity system

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