Growing up. Gaining steam.

From grassroots to grasstops, Green Dot Etc., had captured national and international attention.

Leadership team

"We need clear distinction of not just what we offer but who are.”

Mission control to mission possible

"Hope science" was taken root across the nation, from college campuses to the Pentagon.

Pivot from program to purpose

A new name was essential to separate a well-known product brand from an emerging formidable organization.

Frame the role

Operating in an uncharted space required the need to articulate the organization’s role to affect change. 

Plan for scalability

Minds in motion and intellect tapped to re-sharpen the organization’s mission and future-focus.

Architect the brand

Built from the bottom up. Strategic frameworks. Visual system. Verbal system. Identity suite. Digital platform.

A new brand mission

“We mobilize communities by harnessing the power of individual actions to create a safe and equitable society.”

New visuals and verbals struck a fine balance

Literal with abstract Conservative with progressive Bold with refined

Drumroll to activate the drumbeat

Razor sharp, pixel perfect, poised for impact.

Legacy meets future

Ready for full throttle.

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