America’s immigration system faced a crisis

Record numbers of children from Central America were flooding the U.S. border. Public protests erupted. Government officials struggled for solutions. A humanitarian crisis was developing.

It was time to turn the tide, educate the public on the realities of the situation, and influence Congress to act.

The campaign concept was simple: introduce these children to the world

Bold copy and visceral images highlighted the innocence of youth, the ruggedness of the journey, and the terrors they fled.

branded social campaign

The campaign reached over 1 million people.

Huge gains in engagement+1,700% retweets+1,123% shares+303% likes+591% comments+530% new likes

(change month over month)

Social media & social stunts combined to score the biggest win.


Winning hearts, minds,and awards

The campaign received accolades as a Shorty Awards Finalist in the Politics & Government Campaign category.

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