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The Great Society Forward

Following a 2-year research project, we are concurrently releasing our inaugural report, The Hidden War: Finding Opportunity After 54 Years along with a suite of systems innovations called unpack™. These insights-in-action promise to serve the 1,000+ frontline agencies and the 15.6 million individuals they serve. On the fiscal side, the numbers are even more staggering: the potential to save the country nearly $60,000,000 on an approximately $600,000,000 federal budget line item. Together, we can strengthen frontline organizations, destigmatize poverty, rally and empower neighbors, and pave the way for exponential private investment to an age-old social challenge.


Meet Independence Design

Independence Design is the tale of two partners who wanted to do more. One, Darwin, a national center for social impact with roots in Washington, headquarters in Pittsburgh, and wings across the nation. The other, action pact, a frontlines maverick building independence in Southeast, rural Georgia.

A strategic branding engagement between the two partners revealed the opportunity for additional, innovative intervention. Introducing phase two of our pilot. Can we close the gap between individuals in poverty and the human service system built around them?


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