Renaming 101: From breaking down to breaking through

Why, when, and how to change your organization’s name to amplify impact

Webinar overview

There are 1.5 million nonprofits in the US—how many have names that align with their missions and resonate with their audiences? Can your 20th-century name still break through? If not, how do you begin the transformational journey of adopting a new name?

Informed by a successful track record of renaming organizations, we will unpack the mechanics of why, when, and how to change your organization’s name to amplify impact.

Join us for a conversation with a trailblazer from Blueprints, a community action agency that successfully embraced a name change and rebrand as a strategic response to a merger and decades of mission shift—while still acknowledging the equity of a legacy narrative. We will discuss the integral role a name plays, identify when to reconsider your name, and walk through the process of gathering crucial evidence to build organization-wide support.

This webinar took place on Friday, February 23, at 12pm ET.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

The function and power of a name

  • Is your current name symbolic of the promise you make to society? You must choose a name that starts a conversation, builds the credibility needed to create impact, and makes an everlasting impression.

How to recognize when your name is no longer relevant and resonant

  • Is your current name fit to serve as the face of your mission? You must consider your current strategic plans, variables in your program mix, major trends in your sector, and the modern cultural context.

How to commit to change and move forward

  • How will you successfully choose and champion your new name inside and outside your organization? You must use comprehensive research and insight to inform decisions and convert everyone—from intern to chairman of the board—with confidence and comfort.


Jeff Fondeliervice president of operationsBlueprints

Jeff Fondelier is the Vice President of Operations for Blueprints, a large nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, Pennsylvania.

In this capacity, he maintains oversight of senior management staff, 30+ programs that serve 20,000 individuals annually, Information Technology, Facilities, and Fund Development. Blueprints employs 300+ area residents, serves southwestern Pennsylvania and the state of West Virginia, with an organizational budget in excess of $22 million.

Kathleen Monincreative strategistDarwin

A social impact triple threat affecting change with direction and purpose, Kathleen wields sector-diverse experience solving strategic, creative, and verbal challenges.

From ivory towers to grassroots movements, Kathleen has traveled the nation, leading legacy changemakers and budding disruptors in public health, social services, economic development, and conservation. From award-winning campaigns to breakthrough strategies, she brings the curiosity and fresh perspective needed to challenge the status quo.

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