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Reporting for duty

Like you, Darwin is on a mission. We produce stellar results for partners nationwide. An impressively low client-to-staff ratio allows us to form genuine relationships and lasting results built on trust.

We ignite purpose with passion. Sparks fly when we join forces. Each engagement will leave you feeling empowered and ready for the next challenge.

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Laura Kisailus // founder

I like dots, patterns, and if-then statements. I also push empathy to its limits to turn levers of behavior change. On projects, I uncover nuggets of insight and provide a well of imagination to drive the direction of the possibilities. I ask “what if?” a lot.

Madison Avenue creative turned D.C. diplomat turned social disruptor. Laura is an award-winning creative strategist with 15 years combined experience in private, public, and nonprofit sectors. She has led transformations for changemakers locally, nationally, and internationally.

Early learning from Rutgers University Business School. Grit from taking Rosetta Stone to a successful IPO. Perspective from managing the State Department’s digital diplomacy. Ongoing life skills from raising three budding disruptors alongside a very patient man.

Rutgers University Business School, Marketing

Kathleen Monin // creative strategist

On projects, I steer concepts and strategy into action and ensure that no question goes unanswered. My Swiss army knife skills connect pixels, words, and ideas.

A social impact triple threat affecting change with direction and purpose, Kathleen wields sector-diverse experience solving strategic, creative, and verbal challenges.

From ivory towers to grassroots movements, Kathleen has traveled the nation, leading legacy changemakers and budding disruptors in public health, social services, economic development, and conservation.

From award-winning campaigns to breakthrough strategies, she brings the curiosity and fresh perspective needed to challenge the status quo.

Franciscan University, Writing and Communication Arts

Dylan Demanski // creative strategist

On projects, I help untangle business problems through collaborative ideation and iteration, transforming insights into impact. I will learn early, experiment generously, and fail forward.

Dylan is equal parts thoughts and action—leaving no possibility unexplored. Explorations in design strategy at Parsons has informed an approach centered around proven research methods and empathy-driven solutions. Audiences are energized and causes advanced.

Parsons School of Design, Design and Management

Sage Krombolz // creative strategist

On projects, I serve as a spring of ideas, a pen with a plan, and a strategic sounding board. I bring creativity, rigor and energy to the table to help clients harness the power of words, emotions, and presentation.

Sage is a used-to-be-philosophy-major and newly-minted-social-disruptor with a penchant for asking ‘why?’ She has steered clients and organizations to success by questioning “why this word?”, “why this approach?”, and “why not try it this way?”

Collaborations with colleagues and clients from Berlin to Philadelphia, Raleigh to Sydney, and Athlone to Missouri allowed her to unlock unlikely solutions to tricky problems. From the marketing department to the client’s inbox, she enables teams to anticipate what will resonate with a given audience and craft messages and strategy accordingly—all while remaining genuine.

Colgate University, Philosophy

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