[brand] | noun

The reputation of your organization and the expectation it sets. (A logo is just the visual aid).

You might need help with your brand if

  • Your messages are not resonating with the public and overall awareness in your community is low.
  •  You have trouble rallying support for a stigmatized population or issue area.
  • Your organizational message varies from team member to team member.
  • Your original charter has shifted since you were founded or your programs have veered off course from the original charter.

The ideal state is

Your brand should uniquely position your organization with a compelling narrative that speaks to your audiences and inspires them to champion your cause. By properly framing your work, you can set the tone of the conversation, set an expectation and generate support, no matter the cause.


Your brand should inspire trust and loyalty—our proven process can align your teams with a strong and enduring brand founded on your organization’s unique promise to society.