[pee-puh l] | noun

Your champions (both inside and outside your organization).

You might need help with your people if

  • You’re seen as a stepping stone to other organizations, i.e. lots of turnover.
  • Silos between your teams stand tall, limiting collaboration and community.
  • Your internal culture is defined solely by your organizational values and HR policies (integrity, respect, and compassion with two weeks paid vacation and no Facebook in the office).

The ideal state is

Your staff stay for years because they had to compete to knock down the door, meaning better talent and high impact for your cause. Think bigger than monthly potlucks: your internal culture should be an intentional design that unleashes an organic energy that keeps your team connected and focused.


Your people are your brand ambassadors—our guidance on culture design can help you define the characteristics that embody your brand so that you find and keep the right people.