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An aging infrastructure for an aging America

From the Rockies to the Rustbelt, our team has unpacked the social and political landscape faced by older adults and the human service system built around them.

At the urging of sector leaders, our strategists compiled over two years of independent research to uncover solutions to the shared challenges of stakeholders and beneficiaries.

The resulting report, Ironing Out the Wrinkles, combines human experience and sector expertise to inform systems change.

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We're all in this together

Part historical reflection, part sociopolitical analysis, part exercise in empathy, this report will give you unparalleled perspective on the universal human issue of aging. By taking a comprehensive focus, we aim to answer both sides of the challenge. Downstream, how do we rethink our systems and maximize capacity to support the growing number of older adults? Upstream, how do we modernize policy and change behavior so that future generations can remain independent in later life?

Declining to thriving

By collaborating with state and local decisionmakers, leaders in the aging sector, and systems innovators, we are introducing human-centered design thinking and activating new methods. We have already lead strategic pivots alongside passionate organizations to introduce modern systems and positive narratives. Explore our case studies to discover how we collaborate with changemakers on scalable solutions.

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Demographics are shifting. Technology is evolving. We are ready for widespread systems change.

We’ll be touring the nation to connect with changemakers and share our insights— starting with our session at the American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting.

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