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Poverty or independence?

Insights from our two-year national study of community action can change the way we address poverty.

As momentum grows across the nation, now is your chance to lead the charge. Let’s build a culture of independence for all our neighbors. Combine wisdom from Washington with experience from the frontlines.

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Communications model

Your agency needs to deliver powerful messages through modern methods to resonate with local audiences. Even agencies with limited unrestricted funding can use our self-assessment model and ready-made templates.

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Impact in action

Meet action pacta community action agency taking initiative in a network of 1000+ poverty-fighting agencies struggling to stay relevant. Their brand transformation is a proof-of-concept that a legacy mission can be reinvigorated to rally and resonate with modern audiences. How can that spread to other agencies—large and small—across the nation?

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Research model

On the real streets and rural roads of America, communities are equipped with mid-century practices to fight a 55-year war.

To solve this challenge, our research model integrates design innovation methods with local relationship networks to create effective solutions to poverty.

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Just released

Our groundbreaking report on our two-year study of community action—The Hidden War: Finding Opportunity After 54 Years.

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