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Far too many nonprofits are still relying on 20th-century strategies and “we’ve always done it this way” tactics to year-end campaign planning. The results are falling short of what’s possible. In today’s plugged in, multi-generational world of donors, there’s a new formula guaranteed to increase your impact.

That’s why we created the 4 step formula to a wildly successful year-end campaign strategy.

Join us as we reveal a real-world example of how we increased donations by 285% and slashed production costs for a century-old nonprofit that was ready to shake things up and make an impact.


This webinar took place on October 27, 2017, from 12-1pm EDT. 

In this webinar you will learn how to:

Create a theme. Access brilliant tips to shape a narrative and speak human to influence those you’re trying to reach.

Develop a hub-and-spoke media plan. Learn effective strategies  to design an integrated approach to media–print, web, social–to maximize exposure and engagement.

Design for impact. See innovative approaches to modern design that ensure your words and images have power and purpose.

Optimize for conversion. Learn all the levers to pull–donation form and landing page design–to enhance your ROI and conversion rates.


Laura KisailusfounderDarwin

Madison Ave creative turned digital diplomat turned social disruptor. Laura is an award-winning creative strategist with 15 years combined experience in private, public, and nonprofit sectors. She has led transformations for changemakers locally, nationally, and internationally.

Now at the helm of Darwin, a center for social impact founded in D.C., she and her team move society forward – serving causes, places, and education spaces. Rigor and insight unite to set the noblest missions in motion, evolve bleeding hearts, and ignite purpose with passion.

Early learning from Rutgers University Business School. Ongoing life skills from raising three budding disruptors alongside a very patient man. Found at laura@madebydarwin.com.

Anna Rose Siegelformer Development Officerfor the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

A passionate advocate for human rights, Anna Rose serves alongside those who serve others. Her thoughts have global impact as she analyzes policy, creates programs, and develops funds for the largest refugee organizations in the world.

Anna Rose completed her undergraduate studies in Anthropology, Politics and Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, received her Masters in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University, and is currently pursuing her J.D. at Georgetown University Law Center. She resides in the nation’s capital.

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About Darwin

Darwin is a center for social impact. Darwin moves society forward–serving with causes, places, and education spaces. Part think tank, part creative agency–services include strategic planning, communication design, brand operations, print and digital media, and culture transformation. Since 2014, we’ve set 21 missions in motion, activated 8 societal causes, and aligned 58,000 people. Join the movement.